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BICA-PICA, The new brand of Snacks made from meat

"It’s called Bica-Pica Oh! Snack and it is a recently launched brand of snacks produced from turkey and chicken meat with 100% Portuguese origin, with no added flavors, gluten or lactose. These snacks are available in four varieties, chicken sticks and turkey sticks and chicken chips and turkey chips.

According to Cecília Maria, responsible for the production company Salsicharia da Gardunha, “this innovation is the result of an in-depth research to develop a concept adapted to the new trends in the areas of healthy eating. It is a practical and nutritionally balanced concept that maintains the tradition in the raw material but follows an innovative process of production”.

According to the company, these snacks have a particular characteristic: they are not fried, but undergo a dehydration process. They are available in packs of 20g (chips) and 35g (sticks)."

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Publication date: 2020/03/03