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Moments to taste OH!SNACK

OH! SNACKs are tempting, crunchy and appetizing, suitable for all age groups in the family, from grandchildren to grandparents. These tasty snacks, in the form of chips and sticks, are ideal for any time of the day and can be enjoyed without guilt. An excellent option for healthy eating, they are also ideal to accompany and decorate dishes. Choose your moment to taste OH! SNACK.
High content protein
Ideal for snacking

Ideal for snacking

  • They are a good suggestion of food to be shared while having a good conversation with friends around the table
  • On tours and travels
  • After workouts, either in the gym or outside
Ideal for mid-day snacks

Ideal for mid-day snacks

  • For children and teenagers
  • For everyone to take to work
Ideal to accompany meals

Ideal to accompany meals

As components of the main dishes of family meals, in the company of salads, rice and pasta